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All 1 gallon containers are $17.00 except where marked   $18,  $19, $ 21, or  $ 22.50


Gardenia jasminoides - in one gallon containers for the southern garden.

$ 12 each + shipping & handling...


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 Pat Henry & Bill Patterson


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Come Sit With Me...

Writing on a December day with thoughts of the beauty and joy of a summer day.  Last fall, I decided to create a small spot to sit, surrounded by roses.  I always use containers so if the bloom, color, shape does not suit, it is easily removed.  Roses do so very well in containers.  My containers are from Hewell Pottery.  They do not have to be stored for the winter. 

Favorites were planted, as they grew to be "favorites".  Dark Desire, a MUST.  ONE was not enough, I planted FIVE.  Heaven On Earth is always near.  You will see and smell lavender, yes in a pot.  Lady of Shallot is here.  The color so lovely.  I water my garden, myself, so I know what needs water and what does not!  My garden is visited daily. 

Now, December, this spot is warm as the sun hits here mid day.  A gardener cannot be kept prisoner to the indoors.  Waiting now for the warm part of the day - yes - to plant a rose.  Today, it will be Desmond TuTu.  The red velvet blooms will sit beside the gardenia.

My husband, Stan, the engineer, worked out the block detail.  The old truck headed for Lowes and Home Depot.  I drive and I choose!  Color and shape are always important.  The years will age them to compliment the mature garden of 30+ years.  Plant today for tomorrow.

The table and chairs were headed for the dump by Freddie who patiently helps me with the garden.  He came by to see if I wanted anything taken away.  I saw them and ask him to dump here!  I love projects.  Walking in and out, you will soon get the spot just perfect.

Roses which surround are Darcey Bussell, Dublin Bay, Anna Jung, Polka, Eliza, Fantasia Mondiale.  Just planted is Plum Perfect and it is perfect in every way. Tucked in and around are pots, First Crush, Summer Romance, Savannah, (soon to be planted).  Mystic Beauty is always growing in pots.  It is the border to another garden, mixed with Pat Henry and Quietness.  These are just two gardens within the big garden and still growing!  Nearby in another garden - Dee-Lish.  Another must!  Mother of Pearl, always in bloom even in the heat of the summer.  Tahitian Treasure, another favorite for the constant blooming and disease resistance.

My kindest wishes for you are health and the joy to keep planting roses.  Thank you for the privilege to share with you these years, the beauty to surround you in your garden.  Create that small spot!

Pat Henry

December 23, 2014

Roses Unlimited




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Outstanding Roses You Must Grow In 2015...

Allene Able TM - pink blend miniflora with exhibition form...

Caboose TM - bicolor of red & white, miniflora...

Dark Desire - dark red grandiflora, very fragrant, packed full of petals, ADR

Dee-Lish - hot pink hybrid tea with strong fragrance...

First Crush - light pink hybrid tea with old garden form & fragrance.

Francis Meilland - light pink hybrid tea with a strong fruity fragrance, very disease resistant...

Grande Dame - deep pink hybrid tea with old rose fragrance & form...

MichaelTM - red/white bicolor  exhibition miniflora

Miracle On The HudsonTM - dark red single flowers on an easy care shrub, always in bloom...

Miss BettyTM - orange yellow blooms with exhibition form on a disease resistant shrub...

Mother of Pearl - light pink grandiflora - always in bloom...

Orchid Romance - lavender pink old fashion blooms with strong fragrance on disease resistant shrub...

Pink Flamingo - pink grandiflora with hints of salmon on a compact plant ideal for containers...





Cli. Cecile Brunner - Gh. # 4

April 21, 2011


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Roses are greenhouse grown and NOT AVAILABLE  for nursery pick up or shipping before mid-March 2015.  THANKS.....


We Use & Recommend:

Mill's Magic Rose Mix


Mill's Easy Feed...

Call To Order: 1-800-845-2325


EarthKind Roses: ++

Belinda's Dream - Carefree Beauty - Cecile Brunner, Cli. - Ducher - Duchesse de Brabant - Else Poulsen - Georgetown Tea - Knock Out - La Marne - Madame Antoine Mari - Marie Daly - Miss Atwood - Mutabilis - New Dawn - Perle d'Or - Pink Pet - Pinkie, Cli. - Reve d'Or - Sea Foam - Souv. de St. Anne - Spice - The Fairy.....


ADR Award: ^^

Bajazzo - Black Forest - Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale - Compassion - Cream Veranda - Dark Desire - Dee Lish - Dortmund - Elina - Eliza - Escapade - Eskimo - Francis Meilland - Golden Gate - Grande Amore - Hella - Inocencia Vigorosa - Jasmina - Knock Out - Kosmos Fairy Tale - La Perla - Laguna - Larissa - Lavender Dream - Lion's Fairy Tale - Little Chap - Lupo - Pepita - Petticoat Fairy Tale - Pink Bassino - Pink Enchantment - Pomponella Fairy Tale - Roter Korsar - Roxy - Salmon Vigorosa - Solero - Summer Sun - Thrive! Lavender - Topolina - Toscana Vigorosa - Westerland.....


New Varieties for 2015: **

All 1 gallon (Nsy. Trade) rose bushes are $ 17 each, unless marked otherwise.....Charges Subject To Change Without Notice...


Our International Selection of Roses:



                Mystic Beauty TM - Bourbon - 2003

Vigorous Growth - Continual Bloom - Very Fragrant



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