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1988  -  2014

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Visit our website often - Click on WHAT'S HAPPENING - We will feature a rose or roses that we love or new ones that you may not know.

All 1 gallon containers are $17.00 except where marked   $18,  $19, $ 21, or  $ 22.50


Roses & Memories

Writing in December always brings childhood memories for me.  A loving family, Daddy, Mother, a brother, Don, a baby sister, Ann, and a special sister, Peggy, close in age and still very close in heart today.  Peggy and I always made a playhouse with gardens.  Old wood coke crates, worn out brooms, bottles and jars filled with wildflowers.  Our paths were swept neat and straight.  Today after the many years, we still are gardeners.  Our styles much different but beautiful in our own way.  Peggy's garden, French and very formal.  Mine, more English, rambling but graceful.  Thoughtful composition and balance within both.  We can carry a plant to every part of the garden before a decision is made of where to plant and sometimes dig it up and start again until it is pleasing.  Bring your memories into your garden.

I think of Roses Unlimited and what we offer.  Roses for every garden.  One size does not fill all.  The garden dictates the sizes needed and the style you prefer.  Choices are many.  Truly, one stop shopping.

A new garden to design is exciting.  Projects are energy!  Pots are many!  I would not think of a spring without new roses and plants to enjoy for the season.  Many who come to my garden enjoy not only the roses but other plants and design ideas.

Please check the catalogue and web site for new additions.  We are asked often what else do we offer other than roses?  Here it is - a gardenia that reblooms.  Very fragrant.  Our cuttings are from a 100 year old plant.  I had many gardenia blooms in November.  Mine takes some sun as it is within my rose garden.  A very, very, limited number! 

New roses this season from Kordes and Conard Pyle as well as some older ones that we offer some years but not every year.

Blessing for your life and garden as we enter 2014.

Pat Henry

December 11,2013


While supplies last.....

Gardenia jasminoides - in one gallon containers for the southern garden.

$ 12 each + shipping & handling...


Meet the owners

 Pat Henry & Bill Patterson


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Check Out The New Kordes Pictures

See "What's Happening At RU" for more information and pictures of the nursery & greenhouses.


Outstanding Roses You Must Grow:

All American Magic - red & yellow striped grandiflora...

Allene AbleTM - pink blend miniflora with exhibition form...

Coretta Scott King - cream grandiflora, blushed with coral...

Dee-Lish - hot pink hybrid tea with strong fragrance...

Francis Meilland - light pink hybrid tea with a strong fruity fragrance, very disease resistant...

Grande Dame - deep pink hybrid tea with old rose fragrance & form...

Jump For Joy - pink floribunda with tints of peach, long lasting flowers...

Miracle On The HudsonTM - dark red single flowers on an easy care shrub, always in bloom...

Miss BettyTM - orange yellow blooms with exhibition form on a disease resistant shrub...

Orchid Romance - lavender pink old fashion blooms with strong fragrance on disease resistant shrub...

Pink Flamingo - pink grandiflora with hints of salmon on a compact plant ideal for containers...





Cli. Cecile Brunner - Gh. # 4

April 21, 2011


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9 am - 3 pm

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Phone : (864) 682-7673
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Ordering Information: Orders can be placed via the phone, mail or e-mail.

Sorry...We are not set up to take orders through our website.

We now accept CREDIT CARDS: VISA - MASTERCARD - DISCOVER. {$ 5 processing fee}

Payments also made by check, cash or money order.

Roses are greenhouse grown and NOT AVAILABLE  for nursery pick up or shipping before mid-March 2014.  THANKS.....


We Use & Recommend:

Mill's Magic Rose Mix


Mill's Easy Feed...

Call To Order: 1-800-845-2325


EarthKind Roses: ++

Belinda's Dream - Carefree Beauty - Cecile Brunner, Cli. - Ducher - Duchesse de Brabant - Else Poulsen - Georgetown Tea - Knock Out - La Marne - Madame Antoine Mari - Marie Daly - Miss Atwood - Mutabilis - New Dawn - Perle d'Or - Pink Pet - Pinkie, Cli. - Reve d'Or - Sea Foam - Souv. de St. Anne - Spice - The Fairy.....


ADR Award: ^^

Black Forest - Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale - Compassion - Dortmund - Elina - Eliza -  Eskimo - Golden Gate - Grande Amore - Hella - Inocencia Vigorosa - Kosmos Fairy Tale - Laguna - Larissa - Lavender Dream - Lion's Fairy Tale - Little Chap - Lupo - Pepita - Petticoat Fairy Tale - Pink Bassino - Pink Enchantment - Pomponella Fairy Tale - Roxy - Salmon Vigorosa - Solero - Summer Sun -Topolina - Toscana Vigorosa - Westerland.....


New Varieties for 2014: **

All 1 gallon (Nsy. Trade) rose bushes are $ 17 each, unless marked otherwise.....Charges Subject To Change Without Notice...


Our International Selection of Roses:



                Mystic Beauty TM - Bourbon - 2003

Vigorous Growth - Continual Bloom - Very Fragrant



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